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Under The Rainbow (2002)

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Instrumentation: Flute/Bass or Alto Flute/Piccolo (one Player), and Pre-Recorded CD
Duration: 14’
Commission: Commissioned by Patti Monson.
Notes:Under The Rainbow draws heavily from popular culture; the piece references techno, IDM, karaoke, lounge, and cartoon music, with short guest appearances from Porky Pig and the cast from the film The Wizard of Oz. Special thanks goes to my daughters Sara Rosenblum, for her cockamamie voice sound effects and original cartoon characters, and Anna Rosenblum, for her guest karaoke poetry recitation (at the mythical Asian night club).
Reviews: Read
Recordings: Albany TROY629, Patti Monson, flute; New World Records 80736-2, Lindsey Goodman, flute
Availability: Plurabelle Music Publishing (Distributed by Subito Music Corp.)
World Premiere: October 22, 2002, Patti Monson, Frick Fine Arts Auditorium, Pittsburgh
Notable Performances:
June 5, 2009, Lindsey J. Goodman, June in Buffalo
July 27 and 28, 2007, Lindsey J. Goodman of the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, City Theater, Pittsburgh.
March 1, 2005, Lisa Jaklitsch, Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore.
January 24, 2004, Dorothy Stone of the EAR Unit, Music on the Edge series, Pittsburgh
March 13, 2004, Patti Monson, ARTS ELECTRIC series, Chelsea Art Museum, New York City
April 21, 2004, Patti Monson, Stanford University
April 22, 2004, Dorothy Stone of the EAR Unit, Pierce College
June 9, 2004, Patti Monson, National Performing Arts Convention, Pittsburgh
December 16, 2004, Patti Monson, Black Box Theater, Asbury Park New Jersey
October 23, 2003, Patti Monson, Manhattan School of Music
October 27, 2003, Jayn Rosenfeld of the New York New Music Ensemble, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
November 3, 2003, Jayn Rosenfeld of the New York New Music Ensemble, Merkin Hall, New York City